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Leadership & Faculty


Our Leadership


Diana M. Sierra, M.Ed.

Executive Director / Head of School

Ms. Sierra realized at a young age that her passion is to serve others. Her mission was to give back to her community and by doing so she found an affinity towards working with children. This ultimately guided her to pursue her passion through the field of education. She believes that all children should have access to high-quality educational opportunities.

At the start of her career in education 18 years ago, Ms. Sierra became a high school reading and business education teacher in a national charter school organization. Throughout her years as a high school teacher, she learned the importance of building relationships with others including colleagues, students and their families as well as community stakeholders.

While leading the school’s executive internship program for seniors, her passion expanded outside of the school and into the community where she led her high school students in various philanthropic and volunteerism opportunities. As her career progressed, she became equally passionate about leadership and pursued her master’s degree in educational leadership, ultimately transitioning to an administrative role as Assistant Principal and then Principal. While serving as an administrator, Ms. Sierra discovered the true meaning of data-driven instruction through the use of NWEA’s MAP Growth assessments. As a Principal, she was responsible for ensuring that students received the high-quality education she was so passionate and worked closely with teachers to support them in understanding, interpreting, and analyzing their data to inform their instruction through data coaching. In collaboration with teachers, a school-wide intervention plan was created and implemented by using NWEA MAP Growth assessment data, ultimately resulting in increased growth and learning gains. In addition to serving in the field of education, Diana has grown equally passionate about educational research and is pursuing her PhD in educational leadership in the hopes to impact future and aspiring school leaders as well.


Carly Weinberg, M.Ed.

Director of Education / Behavioral Analyst

As a highly dedicated professional in the field of education and with a diverse background in speech pathology, general and special education, and Applied Behavioral Analysis, Ms. Carly Werner brings a unique set of skills and expertise to our school.


Ms. Werner holds a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology and a master’s in special education with a dual concentration in general education. Her professional journey began with Teach for America, an organization renowned for its dedication to educational equity. As a teacher, she demonstrated an unwavering commitment to her students' growth and development.

Motivated to make a profound impact on the lives of students with behavioral challenges, Ms. Werner then transitioned to a specialized school focused on behavioral therapy. Through hard work, dedication, and a deep understanding of behavioral principles, she gradually assumed a supervisory role, overseeing and guiding educators and staff to implement effective behavioral interventions and create a positive and nurturing learning environment. During her journey at this school, she expanded her knowledge and qualifications by obtaining a master's degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis. Ms. Werner is known for her warm and approachable demeanor, making her accessible to students, families and colleagues alike. She is a lifelong learner, continuously seeking opportunities for growth and staying abreast of emerging educational trends and research.


Mrs. Tara Goldberg is a seasoned educator serving as the Business Manager with over 20 years of experience in the fields of education and administration. Her former positions include Director of Finance, Media Specialist, Teacher, Office Manager and Volunteer Coordinator. Tara is able to tailor her skills to adapt to her surroundings and meet the needs of the community that she serves. 


She graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s of science in exercise and sports science.  Additionally, she holds a Professional Teaching Certificate, is a certified Google Educator and is certified in CPR/first aid. These varied certifications enable Mrs. Goldberg to be an asset in the school environment and provide aligned expertise and training. 

Mrs. Goldberg is an active member of her community and volunteers her time with various organizations. She helped to facilitate the March of Dimes Annual Walk, served as the Carnival Chair for St. Andrew School, and has served as a Board Member for Coral Springs Mothers of Multiples and Saving Sage Animal Rescue.

Tara Goldberg

Director of Operations and Advancement

Chrissie Kahan, M.Ed.
Education Coordinator / ELA Teacher


Ms. Kahan is an author, educator and advocate who believes that all kids can learn given the right setting and supports. She has been an educator for more than 20 years, is certified in special education, has a bachelor's of science in elementary education and holds a master's in educational leadership. She has taught grades K-12.


She was previously an assistant principal in Baltimore, MD, for 10 years where she was also the IEP and Student Support Team Coordinator. She has also written several educational books: "Angry Ana," "Benny Gator," "Catspergers" and "Roadmap to Navigating Your Child's Disability.”

In Florida, she has been the Title I Program Supervisor in Palm Beach County overseeing the Title I program for 18 private schools. Additionally, she provided professional development to private schools and teachers in Broward County for a wide array of topics that included student engagement, raising academic rigor, RTI: supporting student's needs, project-based learning, classroom management, SEL and using data for effective instruction.


Christine Smalley

Office Manager and Community Outreach 

Ms. Christine comes to BSA with 6 years of school administration experience in the Early Childhood setting. She has served as an Assistant Director for 4 of those years, in the midst of COVID closures and new safety protocols. Ms. Christine is well versed in safety protocols, fundraising, event coordination, team management and conflict resolution. She is often nicknamed the "chaos coordinator" as she can handle multiple tasks, coordinate events and oversee multiple projects, volunteers, and staff.  


Ms. Christine has a long history of serving the community. She is a proud lifetime girl scout and acted as Volunteer coordinator of area girl scout troops for over 4 years. In this role she planned multiple events, trained leaders and handled the area business matters. She is also an active member of her church and volunteers in multiple roles.  

Our Faculty


Melody Gambrel 

PE Teacher


Kevin Mcilvain 

Art Teacher


Ayodeji Oduwole

Music Teacher


Zack Plotnick

Math Teacher


Jordan Whittall

Math Teacher


Yamila Ayala

Music Therapist


Dr. Carolina Castillo

Occupational Therapist


Jamie El Jilali

Mental Health Technician


Holly McKeon, MSLP

Speech Therapist

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