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A new approach to education is now available to students with learning and behavior differences in Boca Raton.

Boca School for Autism (BSA) is a private school for students ages 9-22 who have autism or related differences and need a customized educational experience that prepares them to transition successfully into college or employment in adulthood.

We’re different than other schools. We believe that students with learning and behavior differences deserve access to an exemplary educational experience close to home. We know that when they’re taught in a customized environment by highly skilled teachers, they can thrive. Our goal is to teach students the skills and behaviors necessary to reach their goals and to become independent adults who can participate and contribute meaningfully to their community, home life and social activities.


We use the most advanced academic model along with a transdisciplinary approach that infuses therapeutic support across all academics and extracurricular classes for maximum learning.


As a private school with small class sizes and highly skilled teachers, we have the flexibility to customize our educational approach for each student while maintaining and even exceeding standards set by the Florida Department of Education.


We are a legacy project of Unicorn Children’s Foundation, Inc., a group that worked to improve the life of local children and young adults with autism and related differences. 

The BSA Difference

  • All teachers have extensive training and experience working with students with autism and related differences

  • Small class sizes (3:1 ratio)

  • Transdisciplinary programming continually reinforces target skills

  • High level of parent engagement and partnership

  • Completely individualized goals, objectives and instruction

  • Evidence-based curriculum

  • Daily assessment of student progress

  • Data-driven planning and accountability

  • Extensive career exploration and community internship opportunities

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