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Board of Directors


Mark Rosenbloom

Emeritus Chairman - Founder of Boca School of Autism

In 1994 Dr. Rosenbloom founded the Unicorn Children’s Foundation shortly after his three-year-old son was diagnosed with autism. Up until that time, he had been told by numerous professionals that his son, who was not yet speaking, would "grow out of it." But he didn't. Frustration with the medical community, misdiagnoses, delaying the correct diagnosis and an understanding of how much misinformation was present regarding autism, how many practitioners and organizations were profiting at the expense of parents and their children, and how much the entire field could benefit from clear, concise, unbiased information were the inspirations driving him to start this new charity. Dr. Rosenbloom initially funded the charity by selling unicorn themed calendars through drug stores and supermarkets and this raised close to $1 million dollars in the first 4 years. He remained active throughout the last 30 years. 

More recently, rather than strongly advocating for best practices and supporting other organizations and institutions as they provided services to the autism community, Dr. Rosenbloom thought that the Unicorn Children’s Foundation could best serve the community by actively providing best practice services in the form of a school, thereby putting everything together and demonstrating how to deliver these services in the most effective way possible. Thus, the Boca School for Autism came into existence! 

About Dr. Mark Rosenbloom: 

Dr. Rosenbloom is the Chief Medical Officer at LIFEFORCE Medical Institute. He began his training at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, completed his MBA degree at Stanford University in California, and then fulfilled his dream to become a physician at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine where he was the top student after 2 years. Thereafter, he went on to practice emergency medicine and became an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Department of Medicine at Northwestern University. ​ In 1993 Dr. Rosenbloom founded PEPID LLC, which is now recognized as the premier point of care medical/drug information and decision support software. PEPID is now used by hundreds of thousands of physicians around the world affecting millions of patient encounters yearly. After successfully practicing emergency medicine for close to 18 years, Dr Rosenbloom found a new calling. In 2009, he trained at the Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation and then founded LIFEFORCE, which focuses on longevity and optimal performance medicine. Interestingly, many of the concepts that he has learned and practices with his patients are also directly relevant to the autistic community (eg genetics, inflammation, exposure to toxins, hormone disruption, nutritional deficiencies, etc). Dr. Rosenbloom has also been the Editor of “Your Health Magazine” and has been published in print and media on various topics such as age management, low testosterone for men, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, reduction of medical errors, weapons of mass destruction, and vitamin toxicity. Dr. Rosenbloom is passionate about the cause and has publicly spoken multiple times regarding autistic-spectrum disorders in children, including TV appearances in Chicago, Miami, Boca Raton and Palm Beach, Florida. Dr. Rosenbloom is also devoted to health and longevity for his patients and himself! Late 2022, he competed in his first desert Spartan race and was one of the top finishers in his age group. Dr. Rosenbloom, by practicing what he preaches, and if scientific advances in this field continue at the current pace, expects to live to be a healthy 150 years old!


Catherine Datwani's journey into the charitable landscape is deeply rooted in a personal and heartfelt connection to the cause. Over 30 years ago, her family's journey with autism began, witnessing the challenges faced by her niece and nephew who, at the time, lacked the resources and diagnostic tools available today. This personal experience ignited Catherine's passion for making a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and families affected by autism.


Fueled by a commitment to address the gaps in support and resources, Catherine has become a driving force in the philanthropic sector. Her role as a lead chairperson in fundraising events for children's charities is not merely a professional endeavor but a personal mission inspired by the experiences of her own family. Through her dedication, she strives to ensure that every child, regardless of their circumstances, has access to the necessary resources and support to thrive.

In addition to her philanthropic pursuits, Catherine has left an indelible mark on the business landscape. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to venture into diverse sectors, including heath clubs, health stores, and hospitality services. Drawing from her background in finance and entrepreneurship, she has translated her business acumen into innovative solutions for promoting health and well-being within the community. As an entrepreneur, Catherine has not only excelled in her business endeavors but has also leveraged her success to give back to the community. Her involvement in the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce reflects her commitment to fostering a thriving local business community. Through active participation and leadership roles, Catherine has contributed to the growth and prosperity of the business sector, further enriching the community she calls home. Catherine Datwani's multifaceted contributions to both the entrepreneurial and charitable spheres exemplify a remarkable blend of compassion, business acumen, and community engagement. Her journey, shaped by personal experiences with autism and a commitment to philanthropy, continues to inspire positive change in the lives of individuals and families in South Florida.

Cathy Datawani

Board Treasurer

Sherry A Henry profile pic 2.jpg

Leading with heart and vision, Sherry A. Henry serves as the Chief Executive Officer of HabCenter Boca Raton. For over two decades, she has cultivated her diverse leadership skills in human capital management, marketing and communications, project management and fundraising, working higher education and the non-profit sector. She is passionate about empowering individuals and driving organizational growth.

At HabCenter, Sherry champions the essential needs of the neurodiverse population. She is instrumental in spearheading the strategic vision for the organization, overseeing operations, donor relations and fundraising efforts, ensuring crucial resources flow to HabCenter’s underserved community and vital programs. Her dedication shines through in the lives she touches, enabling individuals to learn, flourish, and lead fulfilling lives with joy, dignity and respect.

Prior to HabCenter, Sherry oversaw fundraising efforts at Lynn University, where she was in charge of annual giving, spearheaded successful annual fund campaigns, Leadership Giving Society, scholarships for students in need, and innovative initiatives like the inaugural Giving Days and crowdfunding. Her leadership fostered not only financial growth but also a culture of giving back. She also served on the Project Management team for 10+ construction and sustainability projects. Sherry's passion lies in serving and inspiring others. A Kingston, Jamaica native, she holds an MBA in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Psychology, both earned with honors. Sherry is a Florida State certified Notary Public and a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, reflecting her commitment to continuous learning and ethical practices. But what truly sets Sherry apart is her heart. Her emotional intelligence and forward-thinking strategies guide her in developing innovative solutions, inspiring teams, and fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. With dedication and vision, Sherry continues to unlock the potential within HabCenter, and it’s underserved communities and is an ardent supporter of education and creative expression.

Sherry A. Henry
Board Member

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