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Join our Board of Directors

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Board of Directors of the Boca School for Autism (BSA). We want you to know that BSA is committed to ensuring you have all the information necessary to make sound decisions. Service on the Board of a 501(c)(3) not-for­ profit organization can be a rewarding experience and an opportunity to be part of life­changing experiences as we ensure that all students receive a well-planned, high-quality and individualized educational experience in a safe, caring environment in order to reach their goals and be able to participate and contribute meaningfully in their communities.

Should you wish to be considered to serve on this board, please complete the accompanying Application for Board Appointment and submit it to our office with requested documentation and supplementary information. If you have questions or would like to discuss board service in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please find some general information about our school and this position below.

Boca School for Autism (BSA) is a private school for students ages 9-22 who have autism or related differences and need a customized educational experience that prepares them to transition successfully into college or employment in adulthood.

We’re different than other schools. We believe that students with learning and behavior differences deserve access to an exemplary educational experience close to home. We know that when they’re taught in a customized environment by highly skilled teachers, they can thrive. Our goal is to teach students the skills and behaviors necessary to reach their goals and to become independent adults who can participate and contribute meaningfully to their community, home life and social activities.

We use the most advanced academic model along with a transdisciplinary approach that infuses therapeutic support across all academics and extracurricular classes for maximum learning.

As a private school with small class sizes and highly skilled teachers, we have the flexibility to customize our educational approach for each student while maintaining and even exceeding standards set by the Florida Department of Education.

BSA is a not-for-profit organization whose operations are run by a professional team. The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance, policy and overall financial health of BSA. The Board of Directors appoints Executive Officers that comprise an Executive Committee who make recommendations to the Board and handle responsibilities of the Board in the intervals between Board meetings. The Board members are also directly responsible for reviewing the performance of the BSA School Director. Regular meetings of the Board are held quarterly. Special meetings may be called by the President of the Board whenever deemed necessary. No action of the Board is official unless taken at a regular or special meeting. Board Members have authority to govern BSA as a group and have no authority to act as individuals. An agenda will be sent to each member of the Board of Directors prior to the board meeting with member input so that each meeting runs smoothly. All Board actions are recorded in the minutes as the official permanent record of the Board. Policies determined by the Board are reflected in policies and procedures manuals and documents.


  1. Be an advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion, community-based experiences and BSA.

  2. Have experience and/or a skill set that adds value to the work of the Board.

  3. Have the respect of those who you have worked with previously.

  4. Have a desire to be an active Board member in a non-profit organization.

  5. Be a team member who can provide solutions and a positive attitude.

  6. Be a financial contributor to BSA.


  1. Uphold the BSA mission and by-laws.

  2. Establish, review and revise (as necessary) the policies of the BSA.

  3. Support and evaluate the School Director.

  4. Attend Board meetings with little interruption and functions where appropriate/available.

  5. Ensure adequate financial resources for BSA. Protect assets and provide financial oversight.

  6. In collaboration with staff, participate in long range (5 year) planning for financials and operations.

  7. Participate in building a competent Board.

  8. Ensure legal and ethical integrity.

  9. Enhance the organization's public standing.


General Information

  1. Applications will be reviewed by the ad-hoc nominating committee of Boca School for Autism. Interviews will be conducted in March from at least a portion of applications received. Elections will occur at the annual meeting in June. Transition will occur from that date to June 30th.

  2. Per current bylaws, Board members will serve two-year terms. Official new terms begin on July 1st following election and expire on June 30th of the expiring year.

  3. The Executive Officers of the Board, who comprise the Executive Committee, will be President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Other members are at large members. The by-laws state that Board of Directors shall have no less than three (3) and no more than twenty-one (21) members.

Supplemental information (required): Please email a copy of your resume/curriculum vitae including any additional information, such as governmental, employment or volunteer experience, honors or awards to:


Please include three (non-Board member) references who could be contacted including name, relationship, phone, or email.

Personal Information

Preferred Method of Contact:

Thanks for submitting!

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