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Exemplary education for students with learning and behavior differences

Boca School for Autism delivers an individualized highly effective educational experience for middle and high schoolers


Individualized Educational Experience

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Evidence-based strategies inform a customized education that builds on your student's specific strengths


Transdisciplinary Approach


Educators and clinicians weave academics and therapies throughout the entire day for greater impact

Exceptional Environment


Small class sizes with a ratio of 3:1 enable your student's needs to be met by a highly effective team


Why parents choose Boca School for Autism:

  • Unique educational model based on the most advanced teaching strategies

  • Students’ strengths are recognized and leveraged

  • Completely individualized goals, objectives and instruction

  • Highly educated, experienced and skilled faculty

  • Strong parent engagement and partnership

  • Exemplary education close to home on FAU’s campus in Boca Raton 

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Your child benefits from:

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Individualized Academics

Each student’s goals, curriculum and instruction are customized to meet specific learning and behavior needs. Students work toward a traditional high school diploma or a certificate of completion upon graduation.


Integrated Therapies

Experienced clinicians collaborate daily with academic teachers to infuse therapeutic services throughout the day. Therapies include Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), speech pathology and occupational therapy.


Transition Skills

Everything we do is designed to prepare our students for productivity and independence. Whether preparing for college or employment, students gain the skills and experience needed to transition successfully.


At Boca School for Autism, students with learning and behavior differences thrive.

Reach out to learn more and see if we’re the best fit for your child. We’re committed to the success of our students and look forward to talking with you!

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